Teahaus, Saturday, May 13

Finally the big day has arrived!  My huge full English tea service at Teahaus in Ann Arbor with Alden for Mothers Day!  First we got lost after having a hard time getting parking because we thought the place was in Kerrytown Market but it’s actually down the road a bit.  However, we found it and our table was waiting for us.

The tea menu is contained in a three ring binder and the wall in the tea side of the place is lined from top to bottom with tea tins. They have over 175 types to choose from!  For our tea service we get unlimited tea!  I start with Toasted Almond Herbal Tea and Alden goes with Orange Ginger Black Tea.

We get our tiny tea pots and pour.  Alden’s is a medium golden brown color and smells of ginger and tea. It’s strong in ginger taste, lightly orange and strong in tea flavor.  My Toasted Almond is bubblegum pink hue and smells of cinnamon.  It’s gorgeous in the white ceramic teacup!  It’s pretty tasty, with a little almond and strong cinnamon flavor.

Our first course comes and it’s cream of asparagus soup in tiny adorable demitasse cups.  It’s very delicious.  I love asparagus.  Alden didn’t like it.  He doesn’t like asparagus…  Next our tower of finger sandwiches, scones, pastries and French macarons came.  We dug into that pile of deliciousness and ordered two more pots.  Alden wanted a yellow tea and they had one, Yellow Dragon.  I wanted Japanese Mulberry Leaves Tea.

Alden’s was a golden yellow shade and didn’t smell like much.  It’s taste was just like regular tea, nothing fancy.  My Japanese Mulberry Leaves Tea smelled lightly of mulberry and was medium green in color.  It’s taste reminds me of the Stash mulberry tea I have at home.  Maybe a little stronger in flavor. However,  both taste like real mulberries and is delicious.

We got pretty much stuffed on the tower and had the desserts left to go that we figured we’d take home.  So one more pot order to put in before we call it quits… Alden wanted Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls Green Tea and I ordered their new Plum Fruit Tea.

Alden’s was a golden shade and smells lightly flowery.  The taste is floral and pleasant.  My Plum Fruit Tea is a beautiful pink and purple hue and smells fruity.  The taste is phenomenal.  I recommend it highly.  Kinda like eating the real thing.  Tart and tangy and full of fruity flavor.  It would be great as an iced tea and had considered getting it that way but didn’t want to wait for the extra effort.  I wanted to  buy a little bag of the Plum Tea to take home but the service was so excellent and I had made a purchase at the craft store on the way and parking was so expensive, I just didn’t have the money to get it and leave the kind of tip I wanted to.

In fact, once I realized that our parking meter had run out I informed them and they were on the spot with to go cups for our teas and box for our desserts and whisked me through the cashier to get us out and on our way to walk back to our car.  Lucky for us, no parking ticket.

After a little rest time at home we got into the dessert box.  Everything was so scrumptious!  The petit fours were a little bit of chocolate overindulgence.  The French Macarons were to die for!  I was falling in love with the buttery cream frosting in the middle of the blue one and the red one was supposed to be a “pop” flavor and you really got the taste of a carbonated drink from it!  Now I’ve got to save up some extra money to make a trip back out there to buy some delicious macarons and that Plum Tea!

The full tea service is a pretty good deal.  $28 for me and just $14 for Alden.  You get so much and it’s a great experience to have.  Alden even went behind the counter on the tea side wanting to help out!  He says he wants to work there for an after school job in high school…  So happy he enjoyed himself.  I totally loved it.  Hopefully we get to return.  Maybe someone will give us a gift certificate for Teahaus for the holidays this year.  At least, that is what I’m going to be asking for!

I have two more teas left from the Stash order to taste with Alden that we plan to do tomorrow.  We just didn’t have time last time he was home.  However, after this, I’m going to be on hiatus for an extended period of time.  I’m using my money right now for jewelry making and need to buy supplies so I can’t buy new teas. I’ll keep you posted on Facebook and Instagram as things develop. Join us tomorrow! Remember pinkies up! 🍵


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