Sunday, April 23 Tea Time

I’ve had a busy day cleaning the house and all I have left to do is clean up the kitchen now that we’ve had dinner.  However, making tea makes a bit of a mess, too, so I’m going to have Tea Time before I finish that task.  The first tea to taste from the Stash Tea order is probably easy to say a incarnation of today’s most popular flavor in the ice cream flavor world as well as many other foods.  It’s Salted Caramel Mate Herbal & Black Tea.  I had a friend who wouldn’t eat anything highly caloric but if it was salted caramel flavored she was right there for it!  This tea is a blend of yerba mate, cocoa shells, black tea, monk fruit and salted caramel flavor.  The teabag smells strongly of caramel.

It infuses to a dark black shade and smells of caramel.  The taste is sweet and full of caramel flavor.  The salt flavor taste is there I suppose, however, I’ve always been hard pressed to taste the salt in salted caramel things.  The caramel is always so strong…  That being said, I do like it quite a bit and find it very tasty and interesting.

Stash Tea also has loose leaf teas and I just had to try one of those out.  I found a flavor that I just had to get at all costs.  It’s All Around the Mulberry Bush Herbal Tea and this is what I’m ending the night on.  It’s simply mulberry leaves and mulberry fruit.  The tea smells leafy and very natural.  There is a mulberry bush right across from our house on our neighbor’s land and they don’t mind if we pick from it in the Summertime when the berries are ripe.  I absolutely love mulberries!  I’ll eat so many my hands and face are stained purple and my stomach aches.  So a mulberry tea is right up my alley!

It infuses to a medium green color and smells like green tea.  The taste is sweet and delicious.  It’s exactly what I wanted and it tastes just like a real mulberry!  It’s taking me back to my childhood Summers walking around the neighborhood and eating off all the mulberry bushes in sight.  This is the real deal.  It’s just perfect.  I couldn’t be happier with this tea.  It’s truly amazing.

It’s time to finish cleaning up the kitchen and call it a night.  I’ve got a few teas left to taste in the Stash Tea order.  I might save them until Alden comes back home this upcoming weekend since they’re decaffeinated.  Please join us!  Remember pinkies up! 🍵


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