Saturday, April 22 Tea Time

It’s been very quiet around here without Alden here.  I went to a charity fundraiser Mexican dinner for my friends’ Relay for Life team last night and had a good time.  I haven’t seen them in over four years now.  It was good to see them again and how big all their kids have gotten now.  It’s time to delve into the Stash Tea order and I’m very excited to see how these teas taste.

The first one is Black Forest Black Tea.  It’s a blend of black tea, cocoa shells, hibiscus, chocolate flavor, vanilla extract and cherry flavor.  The teabag smells delicious like a chocolate covered cherry that we used to get at Christmas time when I was little.

It infuses to a dark black color and smells lightly of chocolate.  The taste is yummy.  It’s got a nice chocolate and a light cherry taste that is very pleasing.  It’s a very natural chocolate taste like a real candy bar.  It’s not overwhelming and it’s a very subtle taste.  This makes it a very delightful tea.

The final tea selection I will taste tonight from the order is White Chocolate Mocha Black Tea.  It’s a combination of cocoa shells, black tea, cinnamon, tiramisu flavor, coffee flavor, chocolate flavor and white chocolate flavor.  The teabag smells good like chocolate and white chocolate.

It infuses to a dark brown shade and smells of cinnamon and chocolate.  I’m really liking the way it tastes.  It’s very dessert like with hints of chocolate, cinnamon and tiramisu.  It’s also not very powerful but sweet and smooth.  I’m really relaxed while drinking this tea.  It’s tasty and great flavor from the very reliable brand that I have found Stash Tea to be.

Drinking tea is a great way to lose weight.  I’ve been losing quite a bit of weight myself from drinking tea and have lost about 20 pounds since starting this blog!  These two teas tonight are definitely delicious chocolate teas that give you the flavor you crave without the calories you don’t want.  I’ve got more new teas in this order to taste so I hope you enjoyed tonight’s offering and join me for more! Remember pinkies up! 🍵


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