Sunday, April 16 Tea Time

Sorry that it’s taken us so long to get back to Tea Time here.  The last week has been very hectic with a contractor in the house until late on the weekdays working on the house on a remodeling project we started back before Thanksgiving with another contractor and this weekend with egg hunting and candy baskets.  Today we’re going to taste a tea sampler from Zhenas Gypsy Tea that comes in a cute little stackable tin set that I picked up at Kroger shopping last week for groceries.  It was on sale too!  In our area, Kroger has the best selection and prices for tea that I’ve found.  Country Market is good too.  Meijer is terrible.

The first cup of the four teas in this sampler is Raspberry Earl Black Tea.  It’s a mixture of Nilgiri black tea, freeze dried raspberries, essential oil of Italian bergamot and natural raspberry flavor.  The teabag smells citrusy from the bergamot.

It infuses to a deep black color and smells fruity of raspberry and bergamot.  Alden’s opinion was that the raspberry was the strongest flavor of this tea with a light citrus taste.  I felt that the black tea flavor was the strongest flavor with the bergamot flavor next and a light raspberry taste at the end.  I didn’t like it very much.  Alden said he liked the taste.  However, since the caffeine content is so high I am not letting him finish off the cup for me.  Instead I’m dumping it down the drain.

The next tea to taste is Egyptian Mint Green Tea.  It’s a blend of certified fair trade organic green tea, peppermint and licorice root.  The teabag smells strongly minty.

It infuses to a dark mossy green shade and smells very minty as I would naturally expect.  There’s not much to say about the taste of a mint tea…they taste like mint!  The addition of green tea gave it an extra soothing effect.  I wasn’t sure if I could taste the licorice root in it but Alden felt he could.  He liked the tea and so did I.  It’s nice and simple and smooth.

The next tea I have in the vault and have already tasted for Tea Time but Alden hasn’t tried it yet.  It’s going to be very interesting to see how different his opinion is to mine.  The tea is Ambrosia Plum and my take on it was that it tasted great but more like a strawberry flavor than a plum flavor.  It’s a combination of fair trade certified Assam white tea, fair trade certified Indian green tea, strawberry leaves, rose petals, licorice root and natural plum extract.  Alden felt that the teabag smelled fruity to him.

It infuses to a dark green hue and Alden said he couldn’t place the smell of the infused tea but that it was fruity to him.  His opinion of the taste was that it was difficult to place but fruity with plum and strawberry flavors pretty equally represented.  He also liked this tea like I did.

The last tea in the sampler is Italian Chamomile Herbal Tea.  It’s a mixture of chamomile, fennel, hibiscus, lemon peel, orange peel, licorice root, rose petals, lemon myrtle, lemon grass, natural vanilla flavor and natural citrus flavor.  The teabag smells strongly of lemon, lemon grass and fennel.

The tea infuses to a golden color.  The smells of lemon and fennel waft from the cup with also a slight scent of chamomile at the end.  The first taste I got was a black pepper taste which I felt must be the fennel and the lemongrass and possibly the licorice root, too.  It was very unappealing.  This tea has too much going on for me ingredient wise.  I prefer a simple chamomile tea with just chamomile flowers in it.  Alden said he could taste almost all the ingredients in the tea and that he liked it the same as a simple one ingredient chamomile tea.

That’s the end of this sampler from Zhenas Gypsy Tea.  Alden doesn’t return until next weekend.  I have a few more new Chai teas that I also got from Kroger for tasting this week.  My Mom also allowed me to make a purchase from Stash Tea’s website today as an Easter present so I should be getting some new ones in maybe this week too.  Please join me!  Remember pinkies up! 🍵


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