Saturday, April 8 Tea Time

Alden just returned from a birthday party for his friend from down the street and I just finished cleaning the house.  We’re ready to delve into Tea Time for tonight!  We’ve got the new Teahaus teas that my brother got for me.  First up is Marzipan Black Tea which is their almond black tea.  I’m always a sucker for an almond tea.  I’ve got to try every one I’ve come across.  It’s got pieces of almond in the tea leaves and they smell of sweet almonds.

It infuses to a dark brown shade and smells earthy.  The taste could be a little stronger in the almond flavor for me to really think that this is a great tea.  It’s not as bitter and acidic as most of the almond teas I have tried.  It’s not bad but it’s just okay.  Alden just took a taste because of the caffeine content and he says that the almond flavor is also not strong enough but he likes the tea.

We’re going to do one more Teahaus tea tonight as Alden reads his latest book from the library and I play on the iPad.  It’s Sweet Pear Green Tea.  I have also been searching for a good pear tea for many years now.  I’ve tried Kiwi Pear from Republic of Tea and thought the kiwi was too strong in the taste.  I’ve bought at my birthday time from Tea Forte Pear Vanilla White Tea with high hopes and the stuff tasted like bad potpourri from the dollar store!  So I’m ready for this one with trepidation.  It’s a blend of green tea, pear pieces, orange blossoms and natural flavor.  The leaves smell like a real pear so that is a good sign.

It infuses to a medium green yellow color and smells not like very much.  It’s too subtle.  It’s taste is delicious!  It really tastes just like pear.  It’s not very strong but then again neither is a real pear’s taste.  I’m so happy that I’ve finally found a tea that tastes like pear.  Alden agrees that it’s not strong but tastes like the real thing.  He likes it too.  I’m going to have to buy more of this one in a bigger package when I get a chance in the future.

We’re going to save the remaining two Teahaus teas for tomorrow night before Alden gets picked up by his father.  Please join us!  Remember pinkies up! 🍵



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