Wednesday, April 5 Tea Time

Alden has come home this afternoon for Spring Break for the rest of the week.  We’re ready to finish off the Republic of Tea order tonight with these three teas.  The first cup is the other sample that came free with the order.  It’s Organic Turmeric Ginger Green Tea.  It’s a mixture of organic turmeric, organic green tea, organic ginger, organic cinnamon and natural honey flavor.  The teabag smells like turmeric and ginger.

It infuses to a bright yellow color and smells like ginger.  Here’s where Alden and I have divergent opinions… I felt that the taste was strong with ginger and turmeric flavor and had cinnamon in the background.  He said that the cinnamon was in the forefront for him with a light ginger taste.  He doesn’t know what turmeric tastes like.  No matter.  He’s nine.  He really liked the tea.  It just wasn’t my taste.  I let him finish the cup up.

Time for our second cup and this one is from the Custom Sampler and it’s Ginger Peach White Tea.  It’s simply a blend of white tea, natural peach flavor and ginger.  The teabag smells very peachy with a ginger kick at the end.

It infuses to a golden orange shade and smells peachy keen.  However, the taste is very subdued.  The peach flavor is barely there and the ginger is almost nonexistent. Alden and I agreed on this tea’s taste this time.  I thought it was kind of ho hum.

We’re past Alden’s bedtime so we’ve got to finish up for tonight.  The last cup is also from the Custom Sampler.  It’s Natural Hibiscus Tea and this tea can also be bought in the Hibiscus Tea Assortment Sampler from Republic of Tea to try.  This tea is caffeine because it’s herbal tea.  Hibiscus is good for your heart and in lowering your blood pressure.  The tea is a combination of hibiscus, sweet blackberry leaves and stevia.  The teabag smells like hibiscus, tangy and citrusy.

It infuses to a deep crimson hue and smells lightly of flowery notes.  Now Alden and I differ in opinion yet again.  I thought that this tea had hardly any hibiscus taste to it at all while he thought it was very strong in fruity and flowery flavor.  It’s really a shame because I love hibiscus flavor and I just wasn’t getting any of it from this tea.  It certainly didn’t taste like the Jamaica Tang that’s hibiscus flavored that I had fallen in love with a decade ago in Asheville, North Carolina.  So I’m going to have to go on a hibiscus tea hunt I guess.  I do have the Stash Raspberry Hibiscus Tea in the vault but I want a plain hibiscus that tastes like Jamaica Tang to drink.  Obviously, this Republic of Tea one just won’t do the trick.

That’s the end of the Republic of Tea order.  It gave me some good tea that I might buy tins of in the future when I get a chance.  Of course, it had some disappointment but not too much.  It was a fun adventure of trying them all out.  Next we have four Teahaus teas to taste over two Tea Times with Alden.  Please join us.  Remember pinkies up!




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