Friday, March 31 Tea Time

Yesterday’s Information Night at Alden’s new school for next year in fourth grade was naturally not without disaster for me… It was pouring down rain when I arrived so I stuck my glasses in the pocket of my jacket so they wouldn’t get wet when I got out of the car to enter the building and of course they fell out somewhere in the lawn because as I finally got to the shelter of the entrance I went to put them back on and they were missing.  It’s just my luck because I’m basically blind without them.  I enlisted the help of Alden and his father to look for them but all we did was get wet.

The lengthy drive home was quite a challenge indeed and then I searched for an old pair of glasses for quite some time to no avail.  Some time later my Mom finally got up and found an old pair of mine in her stuff that she was going to donate.  I called the insurance company to find out what my remedy was and got the ball rolling on getting a new pair.  I must say Tea Time just got pushed to the end of priorities yesterday!  However, that crisis is now over so I need Tea Time to end this week and forget my troubles.

My first cup is coming from the Downton Abbey Sampler and it’s Mrs. Patmore’s Pudding Black Tea.  It’s a blend of black tea, sweet blackberry leaves, carob bits, natural caramel and vanilla flavor. The teabag smells just like a real pudding, with scents of caramel and vanilla strongly coming from it.

It infuses to a medium black color and smells deliciously dessert like with the caramel and vanilla scents wafting from the cup.  These scents I usually don’t associate with tea but with coffee drinks so I can’t wait to see how this translates.  I just have to wait for it to cool off.  Wow!  I really like it a lot!  It’s not overwhelming and the caramel and vanilla are very natural in flavor.  It’s well balanced and tasty.  I’ve sweetened it but I have a feeling it would have been sweet even without the sugar I put in it.  However, I like the extra sweetness.  It’s really a great interpretation of a pudding into a tea.

I’ve got time for one more cup before bed and it’s Hibiscus Blueberry Tea.  This one is coming from the 12-cup Custom Sampler that I made up from Republic of Tea.  However, you can also purchase this tea in their Hibiscus Tea Assortment Sampler if you wanted to try that one out.  It’s got two flavors in it I just don’t think I’d like so I got it this way to try.  Of course, I was sure I wouldn’t like the Hibiscus Vanilla Apple Tea either and got it anyway and ended up loving it, so what do I know?   This tea is a mixture of hibiscus, rose hips, apple, stevia, blueberry bits, and natural blueberry flavor.  The teabag smells full of the fruity and fresh scents of hibiscus and blueberries.

It infuses to a dark crimson hue and smells like blueberries.  The taste is predominantly blueberry flavored with hibiscus as an afterthought.  I could barely get any hibiscus from my cup.  This blueberry flavor was sweeter and less tart than the Superfruit Blueberry Green Tea I had the other day.  Still pretty good though.  However, you would never know hibiscus was in it except by looking at it.

It’s about time for the syndicated jazz to start for the overnight on WEMU radio so that is my cue to get ready to end the day.  I’m hoping I don’t have to wait too long for new glasses.  I’ll have to make due the best that I can until then.  I’ve still got some more life left in this Republic of Tea order to taste.  Please join me next time.  Remember pinkies up!  🍵



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