Wednesday, March 29 Tea Time

As it goes here in Michigan, the Spring weather outside has disappeared and it’s chilly today.  I guess that groundhog didn’t know what he was talking about this year.  Time for a hot cup of tea to warm me up.  I received two samples in the Republic of Tea order and I think I’ll try one of those flavors first.  I’m going with their limited time 25th Anniversary flavor Ginger Peach Chocolate Truffle Black Tea.  It’s a blend of black tea, roobios, roasted mate, cinnamon, natural ginger, peach and chocolate flavors, cocoa kernels, chicory, sweet blackberry leaves, ginger and bourbon vanilla.  The teabag smells like ginger and peaches.

It infuses to a medium brown color and smells deliciously of chocolate with a peachy scent underneath it.  The taste has the flavors of chocolate, peach and ginger mingling together in perfect harmony.  It’s very good.  I don’t get any weird roobios flavor from it and the black tea flavor is very muted in the background.  The combination may seem strange at first glance but it works quite well.

I’m going to continue the chocolate decadence I’ve got going on here and go with Strawberry Cuppa Chocolate Tea for my next cup.  I got this in my 12-cup Custom Sampler but I’ve also got this tea last year for my birthday in the Cuppa Chocolate Tea Assortment Sampler.  I’ve got one teabag remaining in there I’m saving for Alden because he likes this tea, too.  It’s a combination of roobios, carob, cocoa kernels, chocolate flavor, strawberry flavor, sweet blackberry leaves and bourbon vanilla beans.  The teabag smells divine just like chocolate and strawberry.

It infuses to a medium orange shade and smells just like a chocolate covered strawberry from Godiva.  The chocolate and strawberry flavors are very well balanced and natural tasting.  It’s very delicious.  Just perfect if you have a sweet tooth and are watching your calories.  Also no weird roobios flavor in it.  This tea is downright tasty and just awesome.

That’s all the time I have for tea tonight.  It’s gotten late and tomorrow I’ll be going to Alden’s new school for next year when he gets to fourth grade Information Night where we get to check the place out and have dinner in the cafeteria.  It’s pretty exciting for us.  I won’t be back until late.  Hopefully, I can get to Tea Time still.  Until then, remember, pinkies up!


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