Monday, March 27 Tea Time

Time to start another week and try some more new teas from the Republic of Tea order.  For my first cup I am going with one from the 12-cup Custom Sampler and try Superfruit Blueberry Green Tea.  It’s a blend of organic green tea, natural flavors and organic blueberries.  According to the Republic of Tea website this tea is high in antioxidants from both the blueberries and green tea.  Which I need right now for I have a bit of an infection lingering on.  The teabag smells delicious and strongly of blueberry.

It infuses to a pale green shade and smells fruity like a blueberry cobbler.  The taste is delightful.  It’s sweet and tart, full of fruity flavor.  You’d think you’re drinking warm blueberry juice.  I like it as much as Celestial Seasonings True Blueberry Herbal Tea and this one doesn’t stain.  It’s more tart than the Celestial Seasonings one and a little more true to a real blueberry flavor.

It’s time for my second and final cup tonight.  I got a late start tonight because I couldn’t tear myself away from the two episodes of Antiques Roadshow that were on tonight to get Tea Time started.  So now it’s very late and bedtime so I’ll have to wrap this up accordingly.  This tea is also from the Custom Sampler that I created but it’s also available in Republic of Tea’s Hibiscus Tea Sampler to try.  It’s Hibiscus Vanilla Apple.  It’s a mixture of hibiscus, rose hips, apple bits, stevia, natural vanilla and apple flavors.

Hibiscus is called a superflower by Republic of Tea because reportedly it’s heart healthy and lowers blood pressure.  I love the taste of hibiscus since I discovered the flavor a decade ago living in Asheville, North Carolina and drinking Jamaica flavored Tang from the local Dollar General store.  I found it highly addictive.

The teabag smells like hibiscus and vanilla.  It infuses to that deep dark ruby red hue that hibiscus is famous for and now smells sweetly of apple and hibiscus.  The taste is quite delicious.  The apple flavor is very up front in this flavor profile with the vanilla and hibiscus flavors lingering in the background subtly.  It’s not overwhelming with flowery notes as the hibiscus is very muted in this tea.  I like it very much.  The apple is very natural in flavor, too.  This is very soothing and great for before bedtime.

Tonight we had a superfruit and a superflower and I was looking for a health kick!  Plus what delicious ways to get health benefits.  It’s time for me to call it a day but I should be back tomorrow.  Remember pinkies up!  🍵


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