Sunday, March 26 Tea Time

Alden goes back with his father tonight and I needed to clean the house today because we had a painter in the house all week long while I had appointments everyday so cleaning was impossible until now.  I’ve got to say, I’m not really into it right now but I’m almost finished with it.  The perfect time for a tea break as dinner cooks.  Alden is going to read his latest book from the library while I play on the iPad and listen to the radio online.

The first cup is going to be from the 12-cup Custom Sampler I put together for the Republic of Tea order.  The tea is Chamomile Lemon.  It’s a combination of lemon balm, linden flower, orange blossom, chamomile, lavender flower, skullcap, passion flower, and valerian root.  Alden picked this one out.  The teabag smells like lemon and lavender.

It infuses to a light golden yellow color and smells like lemon and lavender.  The taste is a blend of flowery and fruity with a calming effect.  The lemon taste to me is not very strong.  However, Alden found it to be strong in lemon flavor.  He also said he could taste the orange blossoms a little bit.  We both agreed that it’s very herbal.  Alden liked the taste of both this chamomile and the one from Jackson Coffee Company.  I preferred the one from the coffee shop.  Alden finished this cup up and I barely got any to taste!  This kid really likes chamomile tea!

The next cup is also from the Custom Sampler and it’s Orange Blossom White Tea.  It’s a blend of white tea, natural orange and orange flower flavoring.  The teabag smells delightfully of orange.

It infuses to a light amber hue and smells fruity of orange.  The taste is very sweet with a nice orange kick back.  Now I thought I didn’t like orange tea but I like this!  The white tea keeps it all very subtle and not overpowering.  Alden said that they got the accuracy of an orange taste down for this tea.  I think that’s why I like this one so much.  Other orange tea has a phony taste that is overwhelming.  This one is like a slightly watered down orange juice.  I might have to see if I could get a tin of this in the future for the vault.

Alden has left with his father and I have to finish the housework before I can have my last cup of tea for the night by myself.  I also have to have my own dinner now.  No rest for the wicked around here!

Now I’m done and ready for bedtime so I need a soothing cup of tea to take me off to dreamland.  I’ve picked out Lady Cora’s Evening Herb Tea from the Downton Abbey Sampler to do the job.  The teabag smells very herbal.

It infuses to a pale yellow shade and smells very herbal like the teabag did.  I take a taste before I finally get to look at the ingredient list from the package.  It’s tasting very familiar… Apparently it’s a mixture of lemon balm, linden flower, orange blossoms, chamomile, lavender flower, skullcap, passion flower and valerian root.  Now where did I see those ingredients recently?  It’s the same as Chamomile Lemon!

I’m well aware that Republic of Tea recycles regular flavors into specialty ones like the Downton Abbey line.  However, they just caught me with my pinky down on this one!  If I had read the ingredients first I would have picked another caffeine free tea and saved this one for Alden.  It’s weird that it smells different and I’m getting more lemon taste as well as more lavender flavor in this cup but basically it’s the same flavor.   Also I still prefer the Egyptian Chamomile from yesterday’s Field Trip in Jackson to this one.

It’s simply too late to have another cup of tea and I’m exhausted.  Tomorrow I’ll have to make sure I have different teas to taste for the night!  Remember pinkies up! 🍵


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