Jackson Coffee Company, Saturday, March 25

It’s our first Field Trip outing for Tea Time with Alden and I and we’re going to the city to Downtown Jackson to the Jackson Coffee Company.   The tea selection isn’t huge, but we find a few things we are interested in trying.

For starters, we get a Monk’s Blend Black Tea for me and the Egyptian Chamomile for Alden with a lemon bar from the bakery display.  It was difficult to get the right amount of sugar in the steaming hot, very full styrofoam cups as I do at home in this environment and it took a bit of finagling.  Then of course the waiting for the tea to cool.  It was too hot to get the teabags out and my black tea oversteeped and became bitter.  Well, they’re a coffee place not a tea room…  but it wasn’t horrible.  Just a tad bitter.

The Monk’s Blend is supposed to be a blend of black tea, vanilla and grenadine.  I couldn’t taste much vanilla from the bitterness but I got the grenadine from it.  Alden really liked his Egyptian Chamomile tea.  I found it to be very soothing and light in flavor.  He said it was downright addictive to him.  The taste was hard to place, kinda fruity, kinda flowery, but very delicious.  He said that he could see it as an ancient drink of the Egyptians but I told him I think it’s just a name…

We picked out one more cup of tea to share.  The Lemongrass Chai Tea.  Alden says it’s exquisite but a little bitter from the lemongrass.  I took the teabag out at three minutes steeping so it’s not oversteeped.  It’s sweetened too much because I don’t have my usual spoon here to dole out my sugar.  I did find it bitter from the lemongrass as well as spicy from the Malabar spices in the blend.  It wasn’t bad but it didn’t win me over.  Maybe if I could have put some creamer in it but all they had available on the condiment table was French Vanilla and Hazelnut creamers.  Neither seemed right to add to the tea.  Of course, I could have tried plain cream but forgot to ask the barista.

They have a comfortable seating arrangement upstairs and free wifi as well as live music on Friday nights from 7pm to 10pm.  Alden and I liked the atmosphere more than our tea for the most part except for the Egyptian Chamomile which was delightful.  They still have a few tea flavors I’m interested in and we’d like to come back for the live music.  So another Field Trip here will probably be planned for the future.




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