Friday, March 24 Tea Time

Hurrah!  The Republic of Tea order arrived today in the mail!  As well as that Alden is home for the weekend and we have a field trip planned for one of these days to go out to the Jackson Coffee Company in Downtown Jackson, Michigan nearby and try some teas.

The first cup I’m going to have is from the Downton Abbey Sampler Pillow.  It’s Grantham Breakfast Blend Black Tea.  It’s a combination of organic Assam black tea and organic ginger.  The teabag smells simply like black tea.

It infuses to a deep black color and smells just like black tea.  Nothing special.  However, the taste has the flavor of the ginger coming through nicely and is a pleasant cup to drink.  It’s nothing crazy like some other teas I have but it’s nice and simple and delivers great flavor.  Alden didn’t think it tasted like much but I hadn’t sweetened it yet and I don’t think he got the full flavor of it.  I was pleased.  Plus I desperately needed the caffeine in it to pick me up because I was positively wilting from from a long day.

The next cup will also be a Downton Abbey tea and it’s Bates’ Brambleberry Black Tea. This tea is a mixture of black tea, natural berry flavor, blackberry, raspberry, strawberry and blueberry bits.  Sounds delicious!  The teabag smells very fruity and blueberry and raspberry comes through strongly.

It infuses to a dark black shade and smells of berries.  I can’t wait for it cool off to drink it!  I can taste the four berry flavors all distinctly and it’s delightful!  This tea is so good.  The aftertaste is full of berries and the black tea taste doesn’t interrupt the berries flavor.  It’s delicious.  I might have to invest in this one in the future if I get a chance.

It’s time for a lower dose of caffeine and I think my final cup of new tea for tonight.  I’m going to try the free gift tin of tea I got with my Republic of Tea purchase, Double Green Matcha Tea.  Alden has already had three cups of this tea so far tonight and says it tastes kinda grassy and reminds him of leaves and tastes very healthy.  He thinks it’s very good.  It has helped him with his sore throat he had when he got home.  The teabag smells of Spring with a light grassy scent and freshness to it.  Smells like green tea and healthy.  It’s nice.

It infuses to a light, cloudy green hue and smells like nothing at all.  It’s just pure and simple.  Well the taste isn’t complicated!  It’s sweetened green tea, plain and yummy. It’s got a healthiness to it and maybe a grassy undertone.  I like it.  It’s smooth, refreshing and calming to the senses.

Well, that’s a good cup to get to sleep on.  It’s been a long week of running around getting to appointments and going hither and yon.  Alden and I will be back tomorrow with more tea tastings to share. Remember pinkies up! 🍵


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