Sunday, March 12 Tea Time

Today is bitter cold outside even though Spring is a week away.  Apparently snow is in the forecast for the next few days too.  Most of the area here in mid-Michigan is still recovering from a strong winter winds storm we had a few days ago and several places are without power and heat.  We were out for two and a half days ourselves.  For today I’ve just started and gotten into my first cup of coffee.  However, Alden doesn’t take the hard stuff so he’s ready for tea time to start!  So I must oblige him and get a cup ready.

The first cup is from the vault and it’s Harney and Sons Green Tea with Coconut.  It’s a blend of green tea, lemongrass, shredded coconut, coconut, vanilla and ginger flavors. The teabag smells sweetly of vanilla and coconut.  The Harney and Sons website also calls this tea Bangkok Tea.

It smells slightly vanilla scented.  The taste is very Thai based flavored with some strong coconut and lemongrass flavors with light vanilla and ginger notes.  Alden agrees with this verdict.  We both found it very smooth and soothing.  It’s not a very strong flavored tea.  When I make it for my huge teacup I put two teabags in to steep.  This time I made it in Alden’s tiny teacup.  It’s quite good.

Alden had his friend over to play again and I left the house to run into town to run some errands so we took a Tea Time break.  After dinner, Alden was ready to read his book again while I listened to music and used the iPad.  The next tea I have tasted before here but I didn’t get Alden’s opinion on it yet.  He has never tried it and it’s a white tea which he likes.  It’s my other Harney and Sons tea.  It’s their Royal Wedding White Tea.  It’s a mixture of Chinese white tea, rose petals, cornflowers, marigold petals, almond, coconut and vanilla flavors.  This is that tea that inexplicably tasted and smelled like white chocolate to me and reminded me off Easter basket candy… I can’t wait to find out what Alden thinks because the first smells he comes up with from the teabag is that it must have orange peel or lemongrass in it… He also says that the teabag smells very natural as well as of coconut, rose and vanilla scents.

It infuses to a light golden shade and he says he smells a natural flowery scent as well as a coconut scent.  He says that the taste to him is coconut with flowers with a grassy aftertaste.  He says that he likes the tea as a distinctive taste.  He says that he is reminded of white chocolate in the aftertaste like I am a little bit.  He kept referring to this tea as a natural taste and scent.  That was the best way he could describe it without being specific about flavors.

Alden has left with his Dad now so these next teas will be just my tasting.  I have a huge mess in the kitchen leftover from making dinners this weekend that I need to clean up.  However, I’m going to have a cup of tea first and I need a potent potable to get through this mess.  I’ve got the perfect thing for this.  Republic of Tea Hi Caf Pomberry Black Tea.  It’s a blend of black tea, green tea extract, licorice and natural pomegranate.  The caffeine content of this tea is 130mg per cup versus the 150mg per cup of caffeine I consume in my espresso coffee.  Regular black tea usually has about 60-90mg of caffeine per cup.  So this Hi Caf Pomberry Black is quite amped up in caffeine for tea.

The teabag smells like berries.  It infuses to a medium black color and smells of berry scent and a light pomegranate scent in the background.  The taste has a forefront of blueberry flavor with a hint of pomegranate tartness as an aftertaste.  I might even be getting just a tad of the licorice flavor coming across after I drink it.  It’s refreshing and light in flavor, not too heavy.  It’s the kind of flavor that would translate well to an iced tea, even though I’m not much of an iced tea fan.  However, they can hit the spot sometimes on a hot summer day.  I just don’t think you would want to make an iced tea out of a Hi Caf Tea.

Unfortunately for the mess in the kitchen, that extra dose of caffeine didn’t even phase me and it’s so late now bedtime has arrived.  So I’m going to leave that work for tomorrow and have a relaxing cup of a caffeine free tea before bed to settle myself.  Last year for my birthday I got a Cuppa Chocolate Teas Sampler from Republic of Tea that was a big hit with Alden and I.  We kept trying cups until Alden got a stomachache and had to take a nap.  I have only one teabag left of this next flavor it was so popular with us. It’s Banana Chocolate Cuppa Tea.  This tea is a blend of roobios, cocoa, carob, sweet blackberry leaves, banana bits, chocolate and banana flavoring.  The teabag smells delightfully full of chocolate and banana scents.

It infuses to a medium reddish brown hue and smells deliciously sinful, just like what a chocolate covered banana from the George Bluth Frozen Banana stand in Fox’s TV Show Arrested Development must smell like…and we all know that’s there’s always money in the banana stand.  Well, Republic of Tea has hit the money in this tea!  No weird roobios flavor, pure chocolate heaven with a taste of bananas that will tickle your tastebuds and make you think what can’t they do with tea nowadays?  It’s so realistic you will look for the peel so you don’t slip on it!  But have no fear, peel free and caffeine free, this tea is definitely wonderful.  I’m going to buy a canister of it next time I place an order with Republic of Tea because I can’t have this missing from the vault now.

I’m just enjoying this tea while I listen to Jazz music on WEMU streaming radio on the iPad from my alma mater, Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti while I dink around on the internet.  It’s quite late now but I’m a little more wound up from that Hi Caf Tea than I’d like to be.  It’s still going to be a while until new tea arrives here but I’ll try to gather some more meager resources for tasting until then.  I’ll just have to see what I can do for right now.  Remember pinkies up! 🍵



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