Saturday, March 11 Tea Time

Tomorrow may mark Daylight Savings Time here in Michigan where we “Spring Forward” and set a our clocks ahead an hour overnight to lose an hour as we approach the Spring season around here but today is still a chilly Winters day begging for a Tea Time.

No, I don’t have any new teas for tasting but my latest Republic of Tea catalog came in the mail today and in every one of them I get one free sample teabag of a new flavor to try.  Alden is home this weekend and is interested in today’s new flavor, Organic Superherb Raspberry Leaf.   Also in every order from Republic of Tea they stick samples in too.  So does Stash Tea.  I don’t usually try these and have many stockpiled in a drawer so I’m going to do a couple of one cup sample tastings with Alden today to share in the blog to tide us over a bit during our waiting on new tea.

According to the Republic of Tea website raspberry leaves are good for women’s health and that they are known to help tone uterine muscles and balance menstrual cycles.  This superherb tea is a blend of organic red raspberry leaf, organic rose hips, organic raspberries and natural vanilla flavor.  The teabag smells tartly of raspberry.

It infuses to a light red violet shade and smells lightly of raspberry.  The taste is well balanced of raspberry and vanilla.  Not as tart as the smell of the teabag would have led me to believe.  It’s very good.  Alden likes it so much that he runs off with the cup! He says that he can taste the vanilla and likes the raspberry a lot. He also says that he likes this raspberry tea more than the raspberry hibiscus tea we have.  However, I like that one more.  It’s got more flavor for me.

Next sample cup is going to be Stash Ginger Peach Green Tea.  This tea is a mixture of green tea, ginger root, peach flavor and Japanese Matcha.  This sounds very interesting to me and Alden is onboard to try this tea.  The teabag smells strongly of ginger and peaches.  So strong in fact, it made me sneeze!

It infuses to a pale green color and smells gingery and peachy.  To me the taste is kinda flowery, coming across not as ginger and peach but more like a bad potpourri…yuck.  I’m not a fan of this one.  Alden says that it tastes strong of ginger to him with a light peach aftertaste.  Now he liked it quite a bit and I let him finish off the cup after I tasted it.   Again, we’ll have to agree to disagree on these samples…

Alden took a break to play with his friend that stopped by and I eventually made dinner by the time he left for home.  Now Alden is going to read his current book and I’m going to listen to the radio while we have another sample cup.  This one is Stash White Peach Oolong Tea.  It’s a blend of Wuyi Oolong tea, orange peel, lemongrass and white peach flavor.  The teabag smells delicious of peaches with an earthy undertone.

It infuses to a light golden brown hue and smells peachy.  The taste is sweet of peaches and light, the way a white peach really is like.  Alden says that he tastes the orange peel and lemongrass slightly but I don’t get any of it.  He says he likes it but just as much as the two other ones we tried thus far today.  It’s my clear winner for a favorite today so far and I would like to get more of this one from Stash in the future.  I think I like it more than my old Bigelow Perfect Peach Tea actually for a peach tea.  Alden couldn’t decide about that part since he hasn’t had the Bigelow one in a long time now.

Bedtime is creeping upon us so we need a good night tea and I’ve got the perfect cup for us.  Not a sample cup but an old one from the vault that I haven’t gotten to yet, Sleepytime Vanilla Herbal Tea.  One of Alden’s favorite teas, it’s a mixture of chamomile, spearmint, West Indian lemongrass, natural French Vanilla flavor, tilia flowers, blackberry leaves, orange blossoms, hawthorn and rosebuds.  I use two teabags for this tea in my huge teacup when I make this tea to get a good flavor.  The teabags smell of vanilla and lightly minty.

It infuses to a medium brown shade and smells refreshingly minty with a hint of vanilla coming through.  It’s a well balanced taste with the spearmint not overwhelming the vanilla flavor as it could easily.  The tea is smooth and calming.  Alden says it’s strongly vanilla with a lightly minty flavor and he thinks he tastes some of the lemongrass in it.  I just get the predominant vanilla and spearmint flavors from the cup, none of the other flavors in the blend.  He also found it very soothing.  That must be the chamomile that we’re sensing.

It’s time to set the clocks ahead an hour and get to bed.  We’ve had a long day today.  I’m still not sure when I’ll be back with new teas to taste.  Maybe tomorrow Alden and I will find some more in the vault and drawer we haven’t trotted out yet for tasting and be back.  I’m not entirely sure but I will update my Facebook and Instagram accordingly.   Until then, remember pinkies up! 🍵


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