Sunday, March 5 Tea Time

I’m at my last three Adagio Teas to taste until I get some more new teas in and that’s going to take a few weeks for this to happen.  My brother is going to get me some from Teahaus in Ann Arbor in a few weeks because he lives out there and Alden and I will be going there for Mother’s Day to celebrate with British style Afternoon High Tea.  We’re very excited to go to a real tea room!  I actually found three tea rooms within an hour drive of our house to explore this year.  I’m hoping to eventually get to all three with Alden and review them here.  As well as go to check out the local coffee house for their tea selection one night.  But financially I must save up for these things to bring them to the blog.  So after this entry I will be on hiatus again for a few weeks waiting on new tea.

The first cup tonight is the free sample that they included with my order, Masala Chai Black Tea.  It’s a mixture of black tea, ginger root, cloves, natural cinnamon flavor and cinnamon bark.  The tea leaves smell very spicy of ginger, cloves and cinnamon.

It infuses to a dark black color and smells spicy naturally.  I feel that this tea calls for some extra creaminess to go with it since it’s a Chai tea and add my Sweet Cream coffee creamer to the cup.  The taste is very spicy with the flavor of cloves heavy in the foreground.  Now I used to chew clove gum when I was a kid and I also used to smoke clove cigarettes back in college and this tea has too much clove taste in it for me to enjoy it!  That’s a lot of cloves!  A little goes a long way with cloves that’s for sure.  I just can’t get past the taste to like this tea so I’m glad it was a free sample.  I wonder how strong it would have been if I hadn’t put the creamer in it!  Whoa.

The next cup is the other free sample I got for liking Adagio Teas on Facebook, Grapefruit Oolong.  This tea is a mixture of oolong tea, natural grapefruit flavor, orange peel, and marigold flowers.  The tea leaves smell citrusy.  Very much like a grapefruit.

It infuses to a dark brown shade and smells just like regular tea, no citrus smell that I can sense from it.  The taste is quite delicious.  Kinda like watered down sweetened grapefruit juice with a tea aftertaste.  I like it.  It’s not too citrusy just balanced right with the grapefruit flavor so it’s doesn’t have acidity.  It’s nice.  I like the fact that I got it for free too.  I probably wouldn’t have tried it.  It sounded too strange to me.  Even though I love orange tasting things otherwise I don’t like orange tea so this one was too similar to orange for me to purchase normally.  However this sample has won me over.

The last Adagio Tea is now here to taste and I have a chance to try a classic flavor that I’ve always had interest in but never the opportunity to try.  It’s a Decaffeinated Earl Grey.  I’ve always wanted to try this tea since I’ve seen Captain Jean-Luc Picard on Star Trek Next Generation drink his Earl Grey teas in his room after a long day of dealing with the arduous duties of being a starship captain of the SS Enterprise.  If it’s good enough for a Starfleet Captain then it’s good enough for me!

Earl Grey is a mixture of Ceylon tea, orange peel, natural bergamot flavor and blue cornflowers.  Now I was under the stupid assumption that bergamot was some kind of wine grape but now that dummy me has looked it up on Google, I found out that it’s a green skinned orange like citrus fruit! Well that explains the very strong citrusy scent that the tea leaves have!  It infuses to a medium black hue and smells very citrusy.  It’s almost flowery in it’s scent.  Now in the previous tasting I mentioned that I wasn’t a fan of orange tea so this is going to be a huge departure from my comfort zone.  But I have to see what this classic flavor tastes like at least once.  Star Trek demands it!

Taste reminds me of my Republic of Tea Rosebud Tea in heady floweriness quality.  It’s quite strong that way.  The citrusy quality is strong too which gives it a good zing to the tea.  I could drink this one once in a blue moon but not on a regular basis.  It’s not bitter or actually acidic but the flowery notes are daunting in it making it a once in a while drink.  It’s not bad.  But I don’t think it’s something I want to buy a larger quantity of.  I guess that I won’t be signing up for Starfleet Academy anytime soon!

So before I end tonight I am going to do a second chance on the Jasmine Phoenix Pearls Tea because I am certain I oversteeped my first cup and made it so bitter.  It infuses to a light green color and smells lightly flowery.  The last time it infused to a much darker shade and I think it’s right this time but the taste will let me know.  Once it’s cooled off I’ll be finding out.  The taste is lightly flowery, not heady like the Earl Grey was.  Not any bitterness this time so I got it right. It’s quite nice.  Very subtle in flavor.  It’s a good tea when you don’t screw up the steeping time.  I’ve got to be more careful with these teas. These loose leaf teas are not forgiving with their steeping times.

That does it for the new Adagio Tea that I have for now.  The Teahaus teas from my brother will be here in a few weeks and I’ve got an order of samples I’d like to make from Lana’s The Little House sometime after that planned to make when I can.  Please check in when I return!  I’ll keep updating Facebook and Instagram accordingly!  Remember pinkies up! 🍵


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