Tuesday, March 1 Tea Time

March is coming in like a lion with a windy and blustery day today with rain that is supposed to turn into snow later this night as the temperature drops here in Michigan so I need some tea to turn up the warmth.  I’ve got some more new Adagio teas to taste and I want to go through two more tonight.  First up is Almond Oolong because I’m a sucker for any almond teas that I can find and will try them all out usually to disappointing ends.  The leaves smell strongly of almond so that is a positive.

It infuses to a dark brown shade and the almond smell has disappeared now.  Uh oh.  It kinda smells earthy.  Or should I say like dirt.  Well, this doesn’t bode well…but the taste surprises me! It’s really good!  Far superior to yesterday’s Almond Black Tea.  It’s got a great almond taste and is mild and pleasant.  No bitterness or acidity.  I really like it.  I might have to buy a larger quantity of this tea too.

The wind is really howling outside so I need another cup of tea to calm my nerves unless our little house falls down around me.  It’s going to be Cream Black Tea from Adagio.  The tea leaves smell very creamy.

It infuses to a deep black hue and it doesn’t have much of a strong smell.  The taste is quite good.  Creamy and sweet and smooth.  Very delicious.  It doesn’t have any acidity or bitterness to the cup.  I’m very happy with this selection too.

It’s been a great night for tea.  It’s been an awful night for the weather but we can’t have it all!  At least I got two winners for tonight’s tastings.  Tomorrow I’ll do some more.  Remember pinkies up! 🍵


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