Monday, February 27 Tea Time

Sorry that I took a long hiatus without notice but I was basically running out of tea in the vault to drink for Tea Time that would be new to the blog and not disappointing second chance tastings.  So I took my friend’s recommendation to try Adagio Teas and luckily they sell sample sizes of all of their products so I ordered 7 new tea samples and got another free sample for liking them on Facebook plus they stuck one more free sample in the order.  The order arrived today and I’m going to try to place another order with Lana’s The Little House next week because they sell samples of their items too.  So we will probably have another hiatus for a while when I wait for that order to arrive.  I’m on limited funds so this is the best I can do.  So please bear with me.  Plus I’m only going to do two cups each night to try to stretch this tea out as long as I can for writing about.

The first cup that I’m going to try from Adagio is a type of tea that I’ve wanted to try for a very long time.  It’s Silver Needle White Tea.  It’s rather expensive when I’ve seen it at various vendors.  I’ve read that it tastes like apricot or honeydew melon or melons.  White tea is very low in caffeine with 30-55mg caffeine versus 60-90mg caffeine in black tea.  The tea leaves look like little needles just like their name and smell like tea leaves.  I don’t know what I expected them to smell like…unicorn’s breath?  Melon?  It’s kinda surprising.

It infuses to a pale brown hue and smells like tea leaves.  It’s sweet and does remind me a little bit of apricot I suppose but it’s lightly creamy too like the Milk Oolong that I love so much.  It’s very pleasing to the palate and soothing.  I like it quite a lot and I might have to save up for a larger quantity sometime.

Tonight’s final cup is another tea that I’ve longed to try but is also very expensive.  It’s Jasmine Phoenix Pearls Green Tea.  Green tea is lower in caffeine at 35-70 mg caffeine versus 60-90 mg caffeine in black tea.  The tea leaves are rolled into tiny balls, the pearls that give it its name.  They look adorable.  They unfurl while steeping.  They smell lightly of tea leaves.  Again I’m not sure what I was expecting…fairies to come out and sprinkle moonbeams on my nose?  Jasmine flowers must not have a strong scent.

It infuses to medium green brown shade and smells very flowery.  Now that’s more like it!  It tastes a little flowery with a strong bitterness which is unusual for green tea.  I think that I might have oversteeped it because I got a little involved in tonight’s Antiques Roadshow that was on and forgot about my tea for a while…oops.  Not even my heavy sweetening of sugar is killing the bitterness it’s so pronounced.  I’m going to have to try it again and be more careful with my infusion process.  I think I’ll save this for another day though.

It’s good to be back here sharing tea with you.  I hope you have patience with my breaks waiting on getting new teas in to taste.  I honestly didn’t think I’d run out so fast!   Remember pinkies up! 🍵


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