Monday, February 20 Tea Time

Alden has returned from movie day at the library so we’re ready to commence with Tea Time for today.  We are going to start with a shared cup of the first tea because there is some caffeine in it although not much.  It’s Republic of Tea Honey Mango White Tea.  White tea is very low in caffeine with just 30-55mg caffeine per cup.  It’s just fine for Alden this early in the day.  The teabag smells fruity of mango scent.

It infuses to a medium amber color and smells like mango.  The taste is full of mango flavor.  Alden says that he gets a mango flavor with a honey aftertaste.  I can’t taste the honey because I’ve got so much sugar sweetening the cup.

Alden decided to go down the street to his friend’s house to play for a bit so this next cup is just going to be me.  It’s Republic of Tea Super Herb Dandelion Tea with Vanilla. Being a herbal tea it’s caffeine free.  It also has health benefits.  It’s supposed to be good for digestion.  My friend recommended this tea to me.  Apparently regular dandelion teas taste very grassy but this one doesn’t with the addition of vanilla.

The teabag smells strongly of vanilla and it infuses to a medium brown hue.  The cup smells of vanilla and the tea tastes very strongly of vanilla flavor with a little grassy undertone.  Just ever so slightly…you barely even notice the grassy flavor with the vanilla in the forefront.  It’s very pleasing to the palate.  I’m not sure how much dandelion tea you have to drink for health benefits but it’s nice.  Alden has returned home and finished off the remaining half of the cup of dandelion tea.  He says that it’s full of vanilla flavor and makes him happy.

We’re having one last tea together tonight as his father has arrived to pick him up.  It’s Celestial Seasonings True Blueberry Herbal Tea.  It’s a blend of hibiscus, rose hips, orange peel, blackberry leaves, wild blueberries, and blueberry leaves.  The teabag have a definite blueberry scent.

It infuses to a dark violet shade and smells delicious like a blueberry pie.  The taste is just like blueberry juice.  It’s full and fruity and in your face, filling your senses.  Alden says that he agrees that it tastes like warm blueberry juice and he likes it a lot.

It’s time for him to leave and I’m just ready for some television and dinner eventually.  I need to relax for the rest of tonight.  This was a great tea to end on.  It was tasty and delicious.  Tomorrow night I will be solo again until he returns on Friday night.  I hope you join me. Remember pinkies up! 🍵



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