Sunday, February 19 Tea Time

It’s been almost Spring like here today in Michigan but I still feel like having some sweet cups of tea tonight with my son, Alden.  I even went to the local grocery store to see if I could find a new flavor or two there and even though the pickings were slim as far as what I haven’t bought yet, I did manage to find one new tea there today.  We’re starting with that one first because who doesn’t love new things?  It’s Bigelow Red Raspberry Herbal Tea.  It’s caffeine free because it’s herbal tea and Alden is drinking along with me again tonight.  The blend is a mixture of hibiscus, rose hips, apples, elderberries, and raspberries.  Sounds great!

The teabags smell very fruity and strong of raspberry.  It infuses to a deep violet red shade and smells full of berries.  Alden’s opinion is that he likes it very much and it tastes just like raspberry juice.  I got a light raspberry taste with a little apple in the background, not very strong.  I think I should have used two teabags for my huge teacup to get the infusion right and better flavor.  Alden’s teacup is little and his flavor was more concentrated so he got a better cup.  I’m going to have to experiment with this tea.

The next tea we’re going to share out of one cup because I have limited supply of this one and it’s slightly caffeinated and I don’t want Alden up all night long.  It’s Tealyra Organic Coconut Cream White Loose Leaf Tea.  White tea is very low in caffeine with only 35-55mg caffeine per cup.  The blend is a combination of white tea, coconut chips, safflower, and cornflower blossoms. The loose leaves are not refined like most other brands but very chunky.  I’ve seen other complaints about this on Amazon where I bought it but the tea turns out fine.  It’s just not what I’m used to.  I’m not sure if all of Tealyra’s teas are like this since this is the only one I’ve bought.

The leaves smell strongly of coconut and it infuses to a medium brown hue.  The aroma of coconut fills your senses.  The taste is coconutty with a slight acidity to it.  But since my other coconut teas are all very high in caffeine this one is good to have in the vault.  Alden felt that he didn’t taste much coconut flavor in the tea but he still liked it.

Well bedtime has crept up on us here so that is going to have to be our final cup of tea for the night.  My mom is taking Alden to the library for a movie day at the library tomorrow morning so we’re going to start Tea Time when he returns.  It will be the last day of this extra long weekend with him and he will be returning home Friday.  So hopefully you will be back tomorrow with us.  Remember pinkies up! 🍵


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