Saturday, February 18 Tea Time

My son, Alden, is dying to get started with Tea Time so we’re starting early today and he is picking out the teas again for the most part and drinking along with me again.  This makes it another caffeine free Tea Time.

We are beginning with another request he had from the Stash online website for a decaffeinated pumpkin spice of his own to drink.  It’s Stash Pumpkin Spice Decaf Black Tea.  Alden wants to drink one cup without the usual Sweet Cream coffee creamer that I put in pumpkin spice teas and one cup with it so we can taste the difference.  I think that is a splendid idea so we’re doing the first cup without creamer.

The teabags smell strongly of pumpkin spice and ginger with cinnamon and cloves in the background. It infuses to a dark black color and smells of pumpkin spice, with more nutmeg coming through this time with the ginger and cinnamon and cloves in the background still.  It’s a nice blend.  The taste without the creamer is quite pleasant.  It’s not too spicy but well balanced with the pumpkin spice, ginger, nutmeg, and lightly cinnamon and clove flavors.  Alden’s opinion is that it’s fine this way and he likes it.  He tastes a stronger cinnamon flavor in it than I do and less pumpkin spice flavor.

Now for our cups with creamer in the tea.  Alden says that he feels he likes it better this way and that he can taste the pumpkin spice flavor more in this cup.  Both cups are good in my opinion but I like the added creaminess and the nutmeg is coming through more this time with the spice smoothed out from the creamer.  It’s really nice.

Our next cup is an oldie but a goodie.  It’s Celestial Seasonings Peppermint Herbal Tea.  I used to drink peppermint tea in college when I was a theatre major and I’d get a sore throat because it’s soothing to the vocal chords.  I needed to keep my voice and this always worked.  So this tea takes me back almost twenty years.  After the green tea at Chinese restaurants, this is really my first tea.  I don’t drink it much now but I keep some in the vault for that occasional sickness.  Alden didn’t used to like mint flavor until relatively recently but now he does.  The blend is simple, plainly peppermint and that’s it.

The teabags smell strongly minty naturally.  It infuses to a dark black color and the vapors of peppermint waft up from the cup.  The taste is pretty straight forward and uncomplicated being that there is only one ingredient and that is that it’s peppermint tea.  The taste lingers in your mouth and soothes your throat and calms the senses.  Alden likes it but finds it a little bland compared to other teas in the vault.  He agrees that it’s full of peppermint flavor.  The tea is taking me back to a simpler time when I had one tea to choose from in my collection.

We just took a break for dinner but we’re ready to get back to Tea Time now and the next choice is mine because nothing came to Alden’s mind.  It’s a discontinued tea but I have found it after years of searching and bought one to try from eBay then a six pack from Amazon after I decided I loved it during the birthday bonanza.  It’s Celestial Seasonings Almond Sunset Herbal Tea.  It’s a blend of roasted carob, roasted barley, roasted chicory, cinnamon, orange peel, natural almond flavor, blackberry leaves and anise seed.

The teabags smell slightly nutty with strong cinnamon scent and just a hint of anise peeking through. It infuses to a dark brown shade and smells strongly of almond and cinnamon with just a little bit of anise coming across.  The taste is strong almond on the forefront with a little bit of cinnamon undertone.  It’s a delicious dessert tea and I don’t know why they discontinued it especially when there seems to be quite a following online for it.  Alden says that he likes it and gets almond taste but also chocolate.  I don’t get any chocolate from it at all. It might be the strong almond fooling his tastebuds.  Don’t know how much longer this tea will be available on eBay and Amazon so if you have been looking for a good almond decaffeinated tea, get some Almond Sunset before it’s gone.

It’s almost bedtime so we have time for one more cup and this one is going to also be my choice.  I have limited supply of this tea so Alden and I are sharing one cup.  It’s my final plum flavor tea to share with you, Celestial Seasonings Sugar Plum Spice Herbal Tea.  It was a Christmas time seasonal flavor that I picked up at a discount grocery store that is now out of business.  They only had one box so I wasn’t able to buy more stock for the vault so I have precious few to enjoy of this tea.  I was never able to find it in a regular grocery store and I’ve never seen it again at Christmas time since.  It was another one shot deal like Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride.

It’s a blend of hibiscus, roasted barley, roasted chicory, rose hips, chamomile, cinnamon, natural plum flavors, ginger, roasted carob, and cardamom.  The teabag smells very spicy with strong ginger, cardamom and cinnamon scents coming from it. It infuses to a deep purple red hue and smells fruity with a spicy background. It tastes fruity of plums with the spices of cinnamon, ginger and cardamom hinting in the combination.  It’s quite pleasing and tasty.  Alden says it’s as fruity as a fruit bowl and has a light spice to it as well as that he likes it very much.

The box of Sugar Plum Spice has a bunch of fairies on it.  Perfect images for bringing us sweet dreams as it’s time to end Tea Time and go to sleep.  Alden and I will be back together tomorrow for Tea Time and I hope you join us.  Remember pinkies up!  🍵


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