Monday, February 13 Tea Time

I’m just now home from a day at my brother and sister-in-law’s place where I did a schedule of beauty makeover, tea drinking, dog playing and chatting!  It was just wonderful and I love those guys and was glad to see them!  I’m going to get back out there again soon.  Time for pajamas and television with Tea Time commencing.

I’m going with a Republic of Tea flavor that I actually didn’t purchase…what happened was I made an order from Amazon and they accidentally shipped this tea instead and let me keep it when they fixed the order.  Ended up I enjoyed this tea although I didn’t think I would! It’s Blackberry Sage Black Tea.

The teabag smells very much like fresh berries.  It infuses to a dark brown color and smells just like the teabag.  Just like a berry cobbler!  The taste is delicious and full of blackberry flavor with just a hint of the sage giving it a refreshing dimension that makes it easy to drink.

This next tea was given today to me by my sister-in-law and I’ve never tried it before. Actually I’ve never tried the brand or flavor before so this is all a mystery tasting I’m going to drink next!  It’s Twinings Jasmine Green Tea.

The teabag smells faintly of perfume.  It infuses to a medium green brown shade and the perfume smell is now absent.  I’m getting just a faint green tea smell from the cup.  It’s not tasting like much of anything at all…no flowers like I expected to get from it.  It’s bland and boring and I’m sure it’s not a great jasmine tea but I was hoping for some flavor…meh.  Well that’s the end of that mystery!  I’ll have to try a better jasmine tea from a better brand.

I’m quite bummed that the jasmine tea didn’t pan out and I still have a desire for a flowery drink and I’ve got the perfect tea to drink next.  Stash Wild Raspberry Hibiscus Herbal Tea.  I get this tea at my local grocery store for a few bucks and I’ve got several extra boxes in the vault because it’s a favorite of mine because I love hibiscus tea.  This tea delivers in the flavor and color departments.  It’s gorgeous to look at and delicious to drink.  It’s the perfect blend of fruit and flower flavors.  Because it’s an herbal tea it’s caffeine free .

The teabag smells strongly of raspberry and hibiscus.  It infuses to the darkest blood red color you can imagine.  The taste is so smooth and tartly perfect.  Deliciously perfumed and full in your face raspberry taste.  It’s refreshing and calming to the senses.  The hibiscus is unapologetic so if you don’t think you like a flowery taste you would want to skip this one.  However, I am a diehard fan of the taste and thoroughly recommend this tea.  As a side note, hibiscus is supposedly reported to be good for lowering your blood pressure.

The final cup of the night will be the other tea my sister-in-law gave me some teabags to take home with me to try.  I’m pretty sure that this one is going to fare better than the jasmine one because it’s Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Peach.

The teabag smells lightly minty as all Sleepytime blends do.  It infuses to a light brown shade and smells peachy with the undertone of mint.  So at first taste I wasn’t sure if I liked this combination of mint and peach, but as I progress with the cup I am starting to dig it.  It’s got that soothing Sleepytime factor with this mellow peachiness going on just subtly kicking around in the background that makes me feel toasty.  It’s time for bed and this does seem like a great way to send me there.   So I might have to track down this one for the vault.

It’s now that time when I must rinse out my teacup and put away the sugar.  We had two mystery cups tonight and one was a hit and one was a miss.  Let’s get together tomorrow night and see what I find in the vault!  Remember pinkies up! 🍵


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