Sunday, February 12 Tea Time

I got an early start to today and I’m sick of coffee already so let’s commence with Tea Time early shall we?

I’m starting today with Republic of Tea Coconut Black Pur-erh loose leaf tea.  Pur-erh tea is aged and fermented and slightly more caffeinated than regular black tea coming in at up to 70mg of caffeine per cup versus 40-60mg caffeine per cup for most regular black tea.

The leaves have bits of coconut in the mixture but I can’t smell much of them in the tin.  There isn’t much smell at all actually.  It infuses to a dark coffee black color and smells faintly of coconut with a funky twang.

It’s taste is lightly coconutty with an earthy dimension.  Now the Hi Caf Toasted Coconut Black Tea I had the other night is full of coconut with a buttery finish and this has an acid undertone.  The aged pur-erh leaves give it this flavor.  It’s a nice difference.  It’s almost berry like.

Next cup is Lana’s The Little House Plum Black Loose Leaf Tea.  I said before I had several plum teas and you are probably thinking to yourself how many plum teas does this woman have?  The answer is 4.  I have only one more herbal plum tea to trot out of the vault to you guys. Right now that is.  I like plum.  What can I say?  I also have a lot of coconut tea.  What else do I like?  David Cassidy music….

Just like the Apple Almond from Lana’s I learned that you have to steep this tea for a very short time to get a great taste.  The leaves have little purple plum leaves in the mixture and smell fruity and like plum.  I pour the hot water over the finum brewing basket and wait just a bit.

It infuses to a deep dark black and smells fruity like a real plum.  The taste is tart with plumminess but with a tea taste underneath.  It’s fruity and sweet, delightful to the tongue.

After a break to shower and revive, I’m ready to change from black tea and move onto greener pastures.  Quite literally, with Tea Forte Cherry Marzipan Green Loose Leaf Tea as the third cup.  I’m really giving my finum brewing basket the workout today!  The leaves have bits of fruit in the mixture and smell of cherries.

It infuses to a dark greenish brown color and smells divine.  Strong cherries and almonds smells emanate from the cup.  It’s just as delicious as it smells, tasting full of cherries and almonds.  Supposedly it’s also good for your eyes according to the canister.  I’m sure that I’m not going to be giving up my glasses anytime soon but I’ll keep this tea in stock!  It’s so yummy!

I took a break after that cup and now I’m ready for another.  This last one is going to be Harney and Sons Royal Wedding White Tea.  Which has coconut (again!), almond (yes again!), vanilla, and rose petals in it.  Does it come across as flowery?  Nope!  I’m going to tell you that you won’t believe me but it smells delicious but it’s a white chocolate smell and taste that I get from this tea!  No coconut or almond.  I think it’s how I’m feeling the vanilla flavor but it’s still white chocolate to me!  Plus it reminds me of Easter basket candy smells.  Those Cadbury mini-eggs….

The teabag smells yummy like white chocolate as I mentioned.  It infuses to a medium orange brown color and smells lightly creamy.  It tastes just like a white chocolate candy bar straight out of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.  Now you might be saying I’m crazy, that it’s obviously the vanilla, but I have vanilla teas and they don’t taste like this!  This is a cup of heaven and clearly a tea good enough for a Royal Wedding!

What a perfectly scrumptious way to end a great day of tea!  I’m going to bed early tonight because tomorrow I’m going to my brother and sister-in-law’s place for some tea, car maintenance and beauty makeovers!  Should be a wonderful day!  Hope you return tomorrow night for more Tea Time and tastings!  Remember pinkies up! 🍵


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