Saturday, February 11 Tea Time

I’ve pretty much slept through the entire day so Tea Time will be short and low on caffeine tonight.  I’m starting with Tazo Apricot Vanilla Creme White Tea.  The teabag smells delicious and of apricot.  White tea is low in caffeine.

It infuses to a medium amber shade and smells lightly of apricot.  It tastes like apricot with the sweetness of vanilla lingering afterwards.  It’s pleasant and mild.  Just slightly fruity.

Second and final cup tonight will be Zhenas Gypsy Tea Ambrosia Plum.  It’s a white tea and green tea mix so low in caffeine.  The teabag smells of strawberry because the blend has strawberry in it.  Rosebuds are also in the blend but it’s not flowery at all.  However Ambrosia Plum is quite the misnomer.  This tea tastes just as much as a mild strawberry flavor but without a taste of plum to it.  It’s got plum in it. But I can’t tell.

It infuses to a medium beery color of brown and smells lightly of strawberry.  It tastes smoothly of strawberry and is very calming.  Unlike yesterday’s Tazo Organic Bramblewine full in your face strawberry flavor this one lingers and soothes.  Both are caffeine free tea but one has zing and this one says good night.  I need good night wishes right now because I need to get back to sleep.  It’s late around here.  The rosebuds do add another dimension to the tea.  Not a flowery taste just a mild effect.  It’s not all strawberry taste.  Maybe some of the plum is coming through tonight…overall this tea is delicious and perfect to end the night.

So sorry to not have many to get to tonight and end quickly.  Tomorrow night should be back to normal!  Pinkies up!





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