Friday, February 10 Tea Time

It’s a cold night here in Michigan so it’s time for some hot tea.  I’m yawning already and I need some energy for some housework I’ve put off so I need some extra caffeine to start with.  This makes Republic of Tea Hi Caf Tea Toasted Coconut Black the obvious first choice.

Now black teas are on the higher end of being caffeinated.  According to some information on the Internet they have as much as 90mg of caffeine in a cup.  On the label of the Toasted Coconut Black Hi Caf Tea it states this tea has 140mg of caffeine per cup.  The label says that it’s more than coffee.  Since I drink Starbucks’s espresso blend I’m usually consuming coffee that’s 150mg caffeine per cup according to the Starbucks website guide.  So this tea might make other people that consume less caffeine usually a little jittery, I’m just fine with it.

The teabag smells lightly of coconut.  It infuses to a deep dark shade and the aroma of coconut fills your senses.  It tastes full of coconut flavor and has a buttery effect in the mouth.  It’s maybe full of caffeine but it’s also full of excellent flavor.  Great to energize my chores I’ve procrastinated about.

Housework is finally taken care of so it’s time for another cup of tea.  Second choice is going to be another one from Lana’s The Little House that I got from Amazon.  Her entire collection is online at  This cup will be Apple Almond Black Tea, a loose leaf blend like all of Lana’s teas.

The tea leaves smell of apple and cinnamon and apple bits and almonds are in the mixture.  I pour the hot water into the cup over the finum brewing basket and wait for it to steep.  Just a little bit of steeping time for this tea I’ve learned the hard way.  The first few cups I waited too long and the cups were bitter and didn’t even taste like apple.  But I’ve got the hang of it now and gotten wonderful taste out of recent ones.

It infuses to a great black color and smells just like a cinnamon apple cider from the orchard store in the fall.  It tastes like apple cinnamon cider mixed with black tea and leaves the taste of apples on your tongue after sipping it.

Time to cut the caffeine off so next choice is Tazo Organic Bramblewine tea.  I got this tea because my son was asking me for a strawberry tea.  I found this one on the Tazo website and happened upon the tea at Meijer grocery store and it also was on sale at the time.  The tea is a green tea and green roobios tea blend.  Roobios is pronounced rye boos and is naturally caffeine free.  So this tea is virtually caffeine free because the green tea is very low in caffeine.  Now in the past with other roobios teas I’ve not liked the taste but that was red roobios and this is green roobios and I’ve not found it to have that same weird taste.  I’m going to try the red roobios again and see if steeping it less will make it better.

The teabag smells like strawberry jam.  It infuses to a ruby red thanks to some hibiscus in the blend and smells like a strawberry dream.  The taste reminds me of Smuckers Strawberry Jam on a peanut butter sandwich.  It’s pure perfection.  True strawberry flavor like Summertime when you you go to the local “you pick” farm.

I’m watching a favorite old movie of mine on television, the original Teen Wolf with Michael J. Fox so I need something caffeine free but full of zip.  I’m going with Bigelow I Love Lemon Herbal Tea which is not only caffeine free but it’s got vitamin C!

The teabag smells like mint because of its secret ingredient, peppermint!  The peppermint gives the tea a zesty flavor but absolutely no minty flavor comes from it.  I assure you.  It’s got another secret ingredient and that is hibiscus and that gives it color.  No flowery flavor either.  This tea is full of lemon flavor like no other tea and means it when they say “I love lemon!”

It infuses to a yellow reddish color from the hibiscus in it.  The strong smell of lemon comes from the cup and the taste reminds me of the frequent lemon meringue pies my father enjoyed while I grew up. It was his favorite and made from my grandmother’s recipe.  I didn’t like the frothy consistency of the meringue and would give him mine.  The tea is tart and sweet and if this doesn’t make you love lemon tea then nothing will!

I’m going to stay up to watch the end of my 1985 youth memory of van surfing, basketball playing teen werewolf change of life story…you keep your pinkies up and come back tomorrow.



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