Thursday, February 9 Tea Time🍵

The sun has set and that means that it’s time for the tea to start steeping.  As always I start with the most caffeinated drinks first and that makes my beginning tea a black tea.  I’m going with Republic of Tea Downton Abbey Legacy Tea in Plum Pudding Black.  This is a limited edition tea from the Republic of Tea but if they run out of it when I want to reorder it I plan on getting their Cinnamon Plum. It’s the same blend except for missing vanilla.  I’m really into plum flavor teas and have several in the vault.  Both this Downton Tea and the other Republic plum tea have sloeberries and elderberries in them.  I’ve never had either of these berries before.

The teabag smells fruity and lightly spicy.  The tea infuses to a nice dark color.  It tastes well balanced and strong of fruit and cinnamon with the vanilla adding a soothing effect.  The black tea flavor hides into the background like a great flavored black tea should. It’s just delicious and pleasing to the palate.  All around great cup of tea.  A personal favorite.

The night is still young so I’m going with another black tea.  I’m doing a second infusion of loose tea leaves so the caffeine content is lowered.  This cup is going to be another wonderful tea, Snowflake tea from Lana’s The Little House Teas.  Snowflake tea is almond and coconut black tea and Lana’s number one seller.  Lana’s teas can be found on Amazon in a small variety and her entire collection is online at  The shipping charges are a little steep but you can get 2 teas for the lowest shipping price but it goes up at 3 bags and more.  It does arrive quickly though.  Sometimes luxury costs a bit more and these teas are scrumptious!

When you open the bag of leaves you get the strong smell of delicious almond.  Now I have been on the hunt for the perfect almond tea and the vault is full of a bunch of bum losers.  This tea is pure gold!  It has pieces of almond and coconut in the leaves.

The tea infuses to a dark black color and has a nutty aroma.  It’s a perfect balance of almond and coconut and tastes just like eating a macaroon cookie!  Absolutely love this tea!  There’s a reason why it’s the number one seller at Lana’s.  However, why it’s named Snowflake tea is still a mystery!

It’s time to take the caffeine down a lot so I’m going for a green tea next.  The Republic of Tea Spring Cherry makes a great third choice.  The teabag smell strongly of cherries.  On the label it states it has peony flowers and paklum flowers in the blend but I assure you this tea is not flowery in taste.

It infuses to a pale green shade and smells like a cup of cherry juice.  Being a green tea it has a pleasantly mild taste with the cherry flavor just dancing on your tastebuds soothing you into relaxation.  A perfect choice for this time of night but it’s actually great any time of day.  It may be Winter here in Michigan but it’s Spring in my teacup.

It’s tough to end such a wonderful night of tea drinking but I think I have the perfect tea to go out on.  Republic of Tea Milk Oolong is my fourth and final tea for tonight.  Now regular Oolong tea is higher in caffeine than black tea but this tea is a green oolong so it’s barely got any caffeine in it.  Plus it’s lovely.

The teabag smells creamy and lightly sweet.  It infuses to the lightest shade of green that you can barely tell its there.   It’s like sweet cream and airy on your tongue.  Just subtle and smooth with a soft kiss good night for pleasant dreams.  A truly wonderful experience.

That’s it for tonight’s tastings.  I honestly hope you enjoyed this night and return.  Remember pinkies up!  🍵


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